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Meet the Coaches

Our team brings years of experience and new ideas together to provide a more inclusive approach. We aim to have our athletes take more from their high school sports experience than just making new friends, memories and setting personal records but rather a mindset and skills they can use in their future.


David Garza

Competed in XC & track @
Wilcox (C/O 2011).

Coaching @ Wilcox
since 2011

Returned to coaching in 2019. Previously coached at Wilcox from 2011-2016.
Now is the new
 head coach for the 2023 season.


Becki Kriege

Competed in XC & track @
Wilcox (C/O 1984) & in college.

Coaching @ Wilcox
since 2011.

Coach Becki is an experienced runner and dedicated teacher, and combining those skills are impactful on the track or trail for Wilcox Chargers! 


Lalida Maokhamphiou

Competed in XC & track @
Wilcox (C/O 2012)

Coaching @ Wilcox
since 2023

Coach Lalida is a Wilcox XC Alumni from Class of 2012. She has a shared passion for the sport, excitement to guide aspiring athletes and shape the future of the team.


Mudra Patel

Competed in XC & track @
Wilcox (C/O 2022)

Coaching @ Wilcox
since 2023

Mudra is attending a college nearby, and wanted to come help the team he was just on a year ago! He is very excited to start the season and continue improving with all our athletes.

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