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XC Meet Scoring

The score of a meet is determined by adding up the finishing place of each team's first 5 runners. The 6th and 7th runners of each team can increase the scores of the other teams if they finish in front of any of the other teams scoring runners. The 8th and subsequent runners for each team will not be involved in the scoring. 

The team with the lowest score wins the meet. 

Generally, each team can only have 7 runners in a varsity race but in non-varsity races a team can have as many runners as needed.  Therefore, all members of each team may compete in a cross country meet up through the league finals.

As an example, if two teams are competing and one team finishes 1 thru 5 and the other team finishes 6 thru 10, then the first team would win the meet 15 to 40. 

7th Period PE

Non-freshmen who have PE should try to get 7th period PE so that they will not have to miss an academic class when the team needs to leave school early to compete in a meet. 

Freshmen are required to take core PE classes that are not provided during 7th period unfortunately.

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