Strengthening Resources

Having a strong posterior chain and core is critical to your long term success as a runner. Strengthening exercises improve your running form and efficiency, and will help you avoid injury down the road.

We've selected a few helpful videos (below) to assist you with beginning a weekly strength routine. 

Video Resources

Runner-Specific Core Routine, by Jason Fitzgerald at StrengthRunning

IT Band Routine, by Jason Fitzgerald at StrengthRunning

  • we recommend you do this before you have any IT band concerns

3 Exercises to Strengthen your Ankles, C Tolle Run  

Hip Strengthening Routine, by Jay Dicharry 

Strength Training for Runners: Feet Strengthening Exercises, by Stronger Runner in partnership with Podium Runner

In addition to the videos above, try adding 1 - 3 sets of 5 - 15 push-ups each time you perform one of these videos.

There are many ways to perform push-ups, choose which one is best for you at this time: 

Sample Weekly Routine

Monday: Runner-Specific Core Routine and 1 set of 10 push-ups

Wednesday: IT Band Routine and 2 sets of 8 push-ups

Friday: 3 Exercises to Strengthen your Ankles and 2 sets of 10 push-ups 

Sunday: Hip Strengthening Routine

Have a question about how to perform an exercise or want some guidance? Contact the Coaching Staff - we are here to help.

General Flexibility & Foam Rolling

Tips for effective foam rolling and stretching: 

  • Limit foam rolling and stretching to no more than 5 – 15 minutes a day. 

  • If you foam roll prior to a run, keep it minimal - only roll over a particular muscle for 30- 60 seconds.

  • Haven’t moved around much during the day? Keep any stretching light and easy.

  • Avoid deep stretching, only hold a posture for 10 – 30 seconds. As a runner, you don’t need any more than that.

  • Stay hydrated! Your muscles will thank you. 

Video Resources

Foam Rolling for runners, Spark Physical Therapy

Foam Rolling for Shins, C Tolle Run

3 minute Post-Run rope stretch, C Tolle Run

How To Foam Roll Your IT Band | Home Treatment For IT Band Pain

How to Foam Roll Your Tight Calves, Spark Physical Therapy

10 minute Static Stretching Routine, Spark Physical Therapy

  • Note: Static stretching should only be performed after a run. Your muscles are not prepared to stretch prior to your run. 

  • Hold static stretches for 15 - 60 seconds, depending on how you feel. 

  • A towel, tie or rope works for this video - you don't need a yoga strap to perform these exercises.

Note: these resources are only suggestions and not required during your training. Please keep in mind that any new exercises you incorporate into your weekly routine should be gradual and progressive.