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Cross Country

An individual and team sport where athletes complete in a race spanning from ~2 to a little over 3 miles on natural terrain.
Individuals compete based on times and teams via a point scoring method.


Monday through Friday at the track.

Mondays - 4:10 pm
Tuesdays - 4:10 pm
Wednesdays - 3:10 pm

Thursdays - 4:20 pm

Fridays - 4:10 pm


Getting on the team

All students meeting the following requirements
will be on the team


  • Meet the academic athletic participation requirements

  • Submit properly completed eligibility forms by the due date

  • Run 20 minutes without stopping (at any pace)
    by the end of the second week of school

  • Attend all weekday meets or risk dismissal from the team
    at the coaches discretion


Cross Country athletes will not be cut from the team due to ability.

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