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All students on the cross country team will receive a uniform.

This uniform is checked out from the school/team for the duration of the cross country season and will need to be turned in at the completion of the season. The uniform also consists of black running shorts. Most athletes opt to purchase their own or use their PE shorts. If you are in need of a pair to check out, please let us know and we will provide some for the season. 


  Some athletes have expressed the desire to purchase their own uniform.  This is completely optional. If an athlete chooses to buy their own uniform from the BSN store it will be theirs to keep for the remainder of their Wilcox Cross Country career and will then be a keepsake. 


As this is our first time doing this, please note the uniforms will not arrive until near the end of the season, but you will be able to use them in future seasons.

Team Suggested Shorts

The following shorts are a suggested option athletes can purchase in order to match with their fellow athletes.

Not matching the exact cut or style does not pose a problem in most cases.
However, if an athlete were to compete with their team at CCS or on a relay team during Track, then it is advised to match shorts.

For this reason, we are providing a team-suggested short option.

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