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Summer Running
300 Miles Club

Any runners which run 300 miles during the summer, will get a Wilcox Summer 300-mile club T-shirt with the seasons year. The 300 miles need to be completed before the start of school. 

Parents of runners on the team may also earn these shirts.  You should send your monthly mileage totals to Coach VZ at the end of each month if not as regularly as is convinient.

Example Training Program

For those runners which may want to run on their own during the summer without coming to any of our group runs and may want suggestions about how much running to do.  Please see the example training program below. 

Example Summer Training Program.png

Runners who are in good condition at the start of summer should start at a higher level such as 40 minutes and should make one of their weekly runs one and a half times the average run.  As an example, if your average daily run during the week of 2 is 30 minutes, then you should run for 45 minutes on one of the days.


Experienced runners should run 4 strideouts (a strideout means running 100 yards where one starts out slow and gradually gets faster and faster) at the end of each workout. They should also run at fairly hard pace for 1 to 2 miles of their run a couple of times each week.


If you feel very tired or get an injury, take off for a day or so.

Check out our routes around school if you plan to run on your own and need some suggestions.

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