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Our team brings lots of experience and new ideas together to provide a more inclusive approach. Walt our head coach and Becki primarily work with our more advanced runners, while Danielle and David work with our newer and developing athletes. We aim to have our athletes take more from their high school sports experience than just making new friends, memories and setting personal records but rather a mindset and skills they can use in their future.

Walt VanZant

Competed in XC & track @ 
St. Ignatius High & SFSU.

Coaching @ Wilcox
since 1984.

Coaching allows Walt to combine his life-long passion for running and statistics (was a Certified Public Accountant [CPA] for 30+ years). In addition to coaching XC & track, he is the president of his local running club.

Becki Kriege

Competed in XC & track @
Wilcox (C/O 1984) & in college.

Coaching @ Wilcox
since 2011.

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Danielle Zelinski

Competed in XC & track @
Prospect & UCSC.

Coaching @ Wilcox
since 2020.

Just joined us this year! We are excited to have her and know she will be a great addition to the team. Her experience and passion for XC and track couples with her certification as a USATF Level 1 coach with a cross country specialty gives her knowledge to impact all Charger runners, and is excited to share!

David Garza

Competed in XC & track @
Wilcox (C/O 2011).

Coaching @ Wilcox
since 2011

Recently returned to coaching in 2019 after taking some time to finish school and start his career.  As an energy engineer, he develops energy and greenhouse gas reducing projects. Coach Garza is remembered by Coach VZ as one of the best team captains he ever had.

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